Shadow Minister for Health & Mental Health.

On 27 June 2019 I had the privilege of being asked by WA Liberal Leader Liza Harvey to become the new Shadow Minister for Health and Mental Health. As you know, these are these areas are really considered a non-negotiable where the state government must perform well in and make sure there is proper investment and access to services.

At times there are issues which arise and it is important for the opposition to make sure we investigate and raise them with the government to make sure that these priorities areas are being delivered properly.

How I can help:

  • Raise issues directly with WA Government

  • Discuss matters on the floor of the WA Parliament

  • Submit Freedom of Information requests & Parliamentary questions

  • Investigate areas of concern

If there is any experience, issue or matter you would like to raise, please do not hesitate to use the secure and private form below to get in touch. Alternatively, click here for my contact details (mobile, fax etc.)




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