We Need a New Estuary Bridge.

The three-lane bridge that joins the Island to Mandurah is getting to be beyond a joke. It needs to be replaced immediately.

If you agree, please sign the petition at the bottom of this page to tell the state government that we need a new Estuary Bridge!


Traffic Movements Each Day. Data provided to the Parliament.


Figures I've obtained from Main Roads Western Australia indicate that we are now at Pre-Forrest Highway levels of traffic crossing the bridge every day.

These figures reinforce what we all know to be the case: we are sitting in our cars longer and longer just trying to cross over to Mandurah to get to work, go to the shops or drop the kids off at school.

Importantly whilst there won't be an overnight fix, we need to stay on top of this issue.

We need to start the campaign for a new Estuary Bridge now, so that when the billions of dollars flow from the GST deal, we don't miss out.



When the existing bridge was built, it only had one lane each way a spare emergency lane. As we know that emergency lane has now been replaced and utilised as an extra lane. 

The original design for the bridge always forecast that a second bridge would be built next to it. In fact, embankments either side of the existing bridge were built so that a new bridge could be added.

Unfortunately we can't add any new lanes - it simply wasn't engineered to hold it. 



A new Estuary Bridge would cost at least $80 million to build. It would also create hundreds of local jobs when it gets built.

We need to show to the State Government that we are in need of a new bridge, which is why I have started this campaign and continue to fight for Mandurah to get us a new Estuary bridge as a matter of priority.


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