2019 Budget Update

After three budgets from the Labor State Government, it’s become obvious that Mandurah has been completely ignored.

We deserve better.

No new money to expand Peel Health Campus emergency department, or add new health services.

After one of the biggest community movements in Mandurah’s history - Labor just continues to ignore us.

To date, the biggest investment has been thanks to Andrew Hastie and the Federal Government - seeing $25million invested in our hospital.

I am incredibly disappointed that our local hospital, after three state budgets from the State Labor government, Mandurah has been forgotten.

No new money to tackle crime in our community.

Crime and drug abuse is sky-rocketing in Mandurah, but in WA Labor's budget, there is no extra funding for our police force. 

Mandurah deserves better than $0.

No new money to expand our local schools, on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were cut from Halls Head College school budget in 2017-18.

With a growing population, there is also no money in this state budget to expand the size of our existing schools. There is also no money for the proposed Dawesville Senior High School. 

Our schools deserve better than these cuts and lack of investment.


No money for new roads, or even to look at building a new Estuary Bridge. 
Despite constant questions to the Minister for Transport, and raising this in and our of Parliament, the State Government has ignored our concerns about the need for new estuary bridge.

This is a real concern for both congestion and for safety. Mandurah deserves better.

Tell the State Labor Government That We Deserve Better.

I need your help to show the State Government that Mandurah deserves more from this state budget.
Please take a moment to fill out my petition below.

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