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  With Dad, 1989.

With Dad, 1989.

Growing up

I do not come from a political family nor one that focused much on the political facets of life. However, from a young age I was taught that serving the community is a noble pursuit for any individual. I learned early on that different people can serve in different ways and that it is incumbent on everyone to be the best they can in as great a capacity as possible. 

My parents are incredibly hard working - their experience has shaped my own path in life. My Dad left home at 16 to become a plumber, then like many in Western Australia went up north to work as a fly-in fly-out machine operator and small business owner. My mother emigrated to Australia when she was in her early 20s and has called our country home ever since, working for the same pharmacy as a dispensary assistant for the last 30 years.

During my high school years I went to a public school with a large number of year 8 students, but where very few stay on to graduate in year 12. Coming from a similar socioeconomic background to many of my peers, I came to appreciate the critical importance of a quality education and hard work in giving people greater opportunities to improve their own lives and those of others.

Growing up in Midland, I've spent my school and Christmas holiday's at family and friend's home in Falcon and Halls Head. My fiance Michelle and I look forward to starting a family at our home in Halls Head and having them grow up in our amazing community.

Advising Government 

After high school and a brief stint at Murdoch University, I spent 2006 to 2009 working for the Liberal Party of Western Australia. I eventually became the youngest ever Deputy State Director of the Party, and during this time I worked on a number of election campaigns. Working at the Liberal Party gave me a good understanding of how we can deliver results and get things done at a state and federal level of government.

After the Liberal Party won state government, I went on to work as a Principal Policy Adviser for then Premier Colin Barnett through to 2014. I was responsible for advising both the Premier and Government in a variety of areas, including environment, corrective services, agriculture, planning, housing, heritage, emergency services, Parliament and Aboriginal affairs. 

During my time serving in the Premier's office, I learnt a huge amount about leadership and the absolute resolute commitment required to serve our community in the Parliament of Western Australia.

  Advising then Premier Colin Barnett during Parliamentary Estimates, 2012.

Advising then Premier Colin Barnett during Parliamentary Estimates, 2012.

  Working on the Westin Hotel site in Perth CBD, February 2016.

Working on the Westin Hotel site in Perth CBD, February 2016.

working for bGC 

Having worked for more than ten years in politics, I moved into the private sector working for Australia’s largest privately-owned builder, BGC.  Over the past couple of years I have been responsible for developing and implementing fiscal and business improvement strategies in BGC's residential division.

As part of a professional development program, I spent the summer of 2015/16 working as a concrete labourer. My time was spent at two BGC construction sites: the ALOFT Hotel in Rivervale and the Westin Hotel in Perth CBD. There's no denying the work was physically hard, but I ultimately found the experience very rewarding.

 During my time on site, I experienced first hand the ugly side of militant construction unions. The intimidation and bullying of these unions have no place in modern Western Australia. We wouldn't put up with it in any other workplace and we shouldn't put up with it in the construction industry.

 An active construction sector is vital to the economic health of Western Australia. Working for BGC has afforded me an invaluable opportunity to see both the high-level strategy side of construction, but also physically working on those sites.