Plan for Jobs in Our Community.

There are a number of ways that I intend on bringing more local jobs in town, to address the issue of unemployment and youth unemployment. If elected as your MP, I will work day and night to ensure that our community has access to high quality, full-time secure employment.

The Liberals' Plan for Jobs in our our community includes:

  • Delivering Transform Peel, an agri-food and industrial land development that will provide for 33,000 jobs by 2050;
  • Partially floating Western Power, to both pay down state debt ($8billion) but also fund $3billion into long-term investment projects. I hope to secure funds to ensure we can get critical local infrastructure built, such as a new estuary bridge. This will see more local jobs right here in town;
  • Not introducing a mining tax, which will have a significant impact on the viability of many iron ore projects in WA;
  • Fight hard using my private sector experience to get as many businesses to set up shop in town, as well as trying to get a Government Department HQ built right in the Mandurah CBD;
  • Cut payroll tax, saving $55million over three years to enable small business to hire more people and expand in our town;
  • Provide up to $20,000 in grants to help local small business owners move into the 21st century;
  • Invest $18.4million to build a Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre at the Peel TAFE campus, part of a program that will deliver 1000 jobs and 5000 training places where they are needed most;
  • Continue to invest in major transport projects such as Roe 8 & 9 which will deliver thousands of jobs - some people locally are already employed on this project even though it's still early days, and
  • Expand the First Home Owners Grant which means more construction tradies will benefit from a healthy home building industry.

I will never stop in trying to make sure that we have more jobs here locally. I need your support at the upcoming State Election to implement this plan for our community.


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Authorised by A. Cox for the Liberal Party, 12 Parliament Place, West Perth.