Say Yes To School-Based Out Of Hours Care

  • Parents able to work with their local school to access before and after school care
  • Guaranteed place for all four-year-olds at their local kindy
  • An additional five Child and Parent Centres




Growing up, both of my parents worked - my Dad was a plumber and my Mum worked in a pharmacy as a retail assistant. They both worked hard, and meant they weren't able to look after me before or after school during the week. For most of my primary school life, I attended out of hours school care which means I know the value that this important service has to families who work. That's why I'm proud that a re-elected Liberal Government will guarantee facilities for before and after school care at public primary schools.


“Where demand exists and there are third party providers able to deliver services, we will ensure spaces at local public primary schools will be made available,” Premier Colin Barnett said.

“We understand that many parents are balancing work, family and school commitments, and being able to work with local providers to expand services to more schools will make life easier for many parents.

“Schools will be able to work with providers to determine appropriate accommodation such as gyms, art rooms, music rooms, undercover areas, libraries or surplus classrooms,” the Premier said.


The Liberals recognise the importance of early childhood development and learning and will further support early childhood education through:

  • A guaranteed place for all four-year-olds at their local public kindergarten from 2018 in recognition of increased demand following the State and Federal Governments’ agreement to increase kindergarten from 11 to 15 hours a week for all four-year-old children in WA.
  • An additional five Child and Parent Centres to continue support to vulnerable families and ensure children get the best possible start to life.

“In 2013 the Liberal-led Government introduced compulsory pre-primary schooling with a guaranteed place for every five-year-old at their local school,” Education Minister Peter Collier said. “Now we are expanding that to guarantee a place for all four-year-olds at their local public kindergarten from 2018.”

Child and Parent Centres – established by the Liberal-led Government in 2010 - provide vulnerable families with free health, education and parenting support and ensure young children become familiar with school early. One such centre has been built and is operational already in Dudley Park.

“The additional five Child and Parent Centres will provide families with access to child health nurses as well as other professionals such as speech pathologists and physiotherapists,” Mr Collier said.