With no new money or announcements,  Labor's first budget has completely ignored Mandurah.

No new money for Peel Health Campus.

There is still no new money and no additional investment to expand our hospital to meet the needs of our community.

In this budget, Labor has ignored the crisis at Peel Health Campus.

No new money to tackle rising crime.

Crime and drug abuse is sky-rocketing in Mandurah, but in WA Labor's budget, there is no extra funding for our police force. 

In this budget, Labor is completely ignoring the rising crime rates in Mandurah. 

A reduction in the Mandurah Train Station carpark.

During the election, Labor committed $20million to fund the carpark at Mandurah Train Station but in the budget have cut $4million from project.

Labor has ignored Mandurah and cut the carpark project by 20%.

Labor has ignored Mandurah and now they are putting jobs at risk with fee increases, new taxes and increasing state debt by $11 billion.

From 1 July there will be a 6% increase in water, sewerage and drainage charges for Mandurah households

Vehicle licence charges will increase by 5.5 %, an increase of 2.8% for motor injury insurance, and a 1.7% increase for a driver's licence

Tell Labor We Deserve Better.

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